Large urn arrangement class in Yorkshire, England




A couple of years ago at a workshop I was a guest teacher at in England, I met Fiona Pickles.

Fiona and I instantly hit it off, and bonded over our love for large sprawling branches, and foraging the hedgerows.



Fiona and I are excited to announce a class that we will be teaching together in just one month!

This will be A relaxed, half-day workshop on the flower farm of Holme Flowers where you will forage for dramatic branches, work with flowers grown on the farm and design your own giant urn after a light lunch under the apple trees in the orchard.

Holme Farm is a beautiful working farm run by three sisters, Wendy, Sue and Jayne and is located in a delightful and secluded hamlet in rural North Yorkshire.

This is a fabulous opportunity to meet and spend some time with Sarah.

Investment – £499

For more details on the day and how to book, click here



I am so excited to announce that I have two new digital courses!

I have partnered with if i made again to bring you two courses that are a wonderful follow up to the ones i released last year. I have one new course that focuses on the seasons, and how I keep inspired all year long by using the different materials that are in season, and really embracing them.  This course is a wonderful fit for florists and hobbyists alike!

The second course is all about installations. These bigger pieces are one of my favorite parts of the job, and in this course I share everything I know about them! You’ll learn about my inspiration for installations, my design and planning process, and all about the logistics of installation. This course has information for all level of florists, both beginners and those who are already experienced with installations.

Head over to the course website to read more about whats included, the courses are on a special promotional price until midnight on March 16th where you’ll receive $200 off if you purchase the combo package that contains both courses.


Dordogne, France

Sometimes I sit back and play a reel in my head of all of the beautiful things that I have been able to be a part of, and I am in awe. I feel so lucky. I am so thankful to this job for introducing me to so many kind, creative people that I have been able to work with all over the world.

These photos by Erich Mcvey are from Ginny Au’s creative process workshop that took place in the South of France in the late summer of 2014.  Ginny invited me to be one of the teachers at her workshop that highlights the creative process. Each of the teachers was asked to guide the attendees through their process, from beginning to end. Each morning we began with a forage on the property, and then throughout the day we worked the items that we clipped and the inspiration we found into what we created.

You can imagine the joy when you put a bunch of (mostly) Americans in the South of France, send them to a market, tell them they can have free range clipping flowers on the ground of the chateau, and stuff them full of food and drink eat night. I cherish my time spent here with these wonderful women (and Erich), all of it felt, and still feels a bit surreal as I look through these photos even a year and a half later.

Photography Erich McVey | Creative Direction Ginny Au | Prop Stylist & Creative Leader Ginny Branch | Floral Design & Creative Leader Sarah Winward | Calligraphy & Creative Leader Katie Decker Hyatt | Makeup & Hair Amy Clarke | Gown:Gossamer Vintage | Photo Scans: PhotoVision Prints 


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Jackson Hole Wedding at Amangani Resort


I absolutely loved working for Yubeteh and Dennis. Yubeteh challenged me to make her an all white rose bouquet that was round and simple. I ended up loving her bouquet, and am so grateful for those clients who challenge me to make something different than I usually do, and trust that I will come up with something beautiful.

Yubeteh and Dennis were married in beautiful Jackson Hole, with a backdrop of the Grand Teton mountains. I live near similar rocky jagged mountains at home in Utah, but I am floored by the beauty of the Tetons every time I am there.

Their ceremony took place in a tiny wooden chapel up against a lake, and their dinner and reception at the beautiful Amangani resort.

Yubeteh’s flowers were soft, feminine, and fragrant. I loved working with such sweet flowers in a space like Amangani that is more masculine and strong. We made these custom lace linens for the dinner tables, and brought several aspen trees into the dinner space to soften it for their celebration.  It was such a beautiful event, thank you Yubeteh and Dennis for letting me contribute!

Planning and Design: Lyndsey Hamilton Events // Photography: Docuvitae // Floral Design & Custom Lace Linens: Sarah Winward // Venue: Amangani Resort, Jackson Hole, WY // Gown: Inbal Dror // Cake: Jackson Cake Company

As seen in Brides magazine summer 2015 issue.















New digital course!

I have spent the last few years teaching just as much as i’ve been doing weddings, and I really love it.

I love sharing what I love about flowers, how I work with them, and seeing that flower fire ignite in the people I am teaching. There really is nothing quite like finding your passion, and I feel so fortunate to have been able to work hard and turn mine into a career.

In person workshops are wonderful, but they are also time consuming and expensive, making them available to only a small group of people. I am so excited to announce that I have just launched a digital course! I poured myself into writing this course, and am so thankful for the huge team of people that contributed to it. Because this option is much more affordable than attending a personal workshop, and you can do it on your own time, I hope I can reach a much bigger audience with this!

Thank you to all of you for your interest in learning more about what I do!

You can read more about the course and purchase it here04.27.16_NWFD_EMAIL_LAUNCH-2

Spring centerpiece class

Making a centerpiece is one of my very favorite things to make. It is not as stressful as a bouquet, and you don’t have as many logistical issues to manage as you might working on a large arrangement. This makes it one of my favorite things to teach.

I had such a good time with this group last spring. We held class at The Charcoal Loft, and have Kychelle photography to thank for these beautiful photos.

Spring has the best flowers, and we had so many of my favorites to work with for this class:

Spirea, magnolia, pieris, garden roses, incredible lavender colored lisianthus, daffodils, lilac, hellebore, copper roses, and fritilaria.

Thank you to everyone who came and made this class so much fun!


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