A whisper and a breath

I came across a huge lot of snowberry late this November. The berries were cascading down the branches like water drops in a rainstorm and the bushes were bowing to the ground. There were still leaves on the bushes that softly transformed from green at the back to a vibrant fall yellow on the tips.
The branches were heavy, their weight made them feel even more precious.

This collaboration between Britt and I reignited me this fall. It was inspiring and refreshing to collaborate for fun after a hard and busy (and wonderful!) wedding season. We imagined the concept for this shoot to be about the transitions between the seasons.  Fall is still lingering, berries and leaves are still clinging to the branch, but winter is breathing down our backs.  In this season both leaves and snowflakes dance as they fall to the ground. Britt so brilliantly named this series “A Whisper and aABreath.”

A big warm thank you to everyone involved in this shoot:

Photography: Britt Chudleigh
Model: Karley Parker
Hair: Aubrey Nelson
Location: La Caille

(It is a really good thing that I am not an editor for any publications…clearly narrowing photos down is not my strength. Sorry for the over share…but not really).