deep, rich, dormant


Where I live, it’s icy and snowy in the winter. There’s not much life here, but skeletons of plants remain in the earth become dusted with snow. I love the dark green of the pines, and the rich brown color of wet tree trunks contrasted against the white blankets of snow.

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Dancing spring blooms


I was born in May, and I always feel like I come alive all over again in the spring. I am amazed at the life and growth that just pours out of the earth in the Spring. It is so incredible to watch the ground do its thing, offering up all of the new growth every year, right on schedule.

spring flower ideas | spring flower ideas |
bright, green, bountiful


In the summer, the earth is at its fullest. Everything in abundance. The trees are full of lush green leaves, there are fruits and vegetables hanging from branches and vines, and there are more flowers available than you could possibly ever use.

summer flower ideas |
vibrant and fleeting


Everything moves so fast in the fall. Fall is a race, and I find myself watching in awe as colors are neck and neck all the way to the finish line. In a single fall day, everything can change.

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