Sarah is a destination wedding florist that creates flower arrangements inspired by the texture and changing of seasons in nature.

Taylor & Porter

Sarah’s flowers evoke the feeling of freshly gathered garden flowers, with all their natural variations and inconsistencies.   She has traveled all over the world creating flowers in many different environments.

She believes that flowers should feel natural in the environment that they are going to be viewed in. She goes to great lengths to source the perfect flowers to complete a desired look, but also finds many of her materials in the immediate area that the event will be held. The final product truly is an extension of its surroundings, her interpretation of nature. She finds joy in collaborating with a couple to create flowers unique for their event; taking inspiration from them, the season, and the surroundings. Each arrangement is more than just a centerpiece or a bouquet, it has layers of beauty that are meant to be experienced, not just seen.

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