an elopement shoot

This pretty little shoot has already made it’s way around the internet, and for good reason. Jill Thomas and Kami Christensen put this together for a bit of fall inspiration. I was so lucky to be able to do the flowers, and try my hand at making some hair pieces. I also made my version of a ring pillow for the ring bearer with some bark to match the mountain environment…but I don’t think anything can look as cute as the ring bearer himself does. right?

I know that this little elopement makes me wish I were getting married again so that I could focus on what is really important, and I think it does the same for a lot of people. Jill said it perfectly, this shoot “captures the true essence of what a wedding is meant to be… two people professing their love in the company of the most important people in their lives.”

a few of jill’s polaroids below served as teasers for us on the shoot, seeing them was sort of happy torture. they were incredible of course, but we knew it would be a couple of weeks before we saw the rest of the pictures.

I absolutely love oak leaves. I had them at my wedding, and if I had my choice they would be in every wedding I did too. I love the natural feel of these flowers. I think that mountain weddings should have effortless feeling flowers…like they were gathered on the way up. And Jill’s son, well, probably the cutest ring bearer I will ever pin a boutonniere on. I love the combination of the oak leaf and acorn boutonniere against his plaid jacket. Jill and Kami were such a delight to work with, thanks for letting me join in ladies!
All photos by Jill Thomas, hair and makeup by Kami Christensen. It has also been featured on 100 layer cake, apartment 34, and it got a little mention on green wedding shoes.