Ginny Au Workshop in England, Part Two


It is hard to beat being surrounded by a dozen flower loving creative people for several days, and doing nothing but create, visit, and eat delicious food in the most beautiful setting imaginable.  I was so inspired by the group of women that attended the workshop, I feel like at each of these workshops I leave feeling that I was more inspired by the students than they were by me! I love their enthusiasm and fresh take on flowers. I am so grateful for each of them what they contributed to our few days together at Bibury Court.

We were able to take everyone to Green and Gorgeous Flower farm and cut our own flowers to work with for the few days. Thank you to Rachel for opening up the farm and letting us cut so many of her beautiful flowers. It is hard in the states to get so many of these beautiful foliages and smaller textural flowers. It was so wonderful to be in the Uk where there are so many small farms, and so many florists who grow their own flowers. So many of the interesting flowers and greens that I love to work with are readily available. Not to mention the foraging! The hedgerows in England are filled with all sorts of wonderful material.

Overall Styling: Ginny Au // Food vignette styling: Ginny Branch // Photography: Erich McVey // Floral Design: Sarah Winward // Workshop venue: Bibury Court // Floral farm that we cut and purchased most of our flowers from: Green and Gorgeous Flower Farm // Roses: English Country Roses