Jackson Hole

Gina was a bride that I connected with right away, and every step of the floral discussion with her was pure joy. Gina spent summers in her childhood in the Grand Teton National Park, and feels deeply connected with the earth there. She and I could talk endlessly about the way the wildflowers fluttered in the meadows of the, how the sun shone through the grasses, how the colors wax and wane with each seasonal shift. It was an honor to be trusted to be able to make flowers for her wedding, and make sure that they adequately showcased her love.

To feel like a reflection of Gina, we set out to create something that felt luminous and feminine. Somehow rugged, but soft and fleeting at the same time.

For the ceremony we created meadows of blue blooms springing from the grass for the ceremony. Layers of various shades of blue imitated the shadows on the ridgelines on the mountain in the background. Little patches of blue flowers were placed along the guests walkway to the dinner space, imitating natural growth patterns.

A minimalist design for the cocktail hour deck allowed guests to soak in the vastness of the field, and see the expansive views of the tetons. White shades gently billowed in the wind above head, mimicking the summertime clouds. Custom ceramic vessels with blooms fluttering from them paid homage to the insects, and the perspective guests were given here was to feel small and humble near the jagged mountain range.

The dinner tent held clouds of silver chainmail lanterns reminiscent of moth wings. The dinner spring with summertime meadows. Celebratory rivers of flowers flowing down the tables for guests to mingle with while they dined.

Planning: Laurie Arons | Photography: Aaron Delesie | Venue: Snake River Ranch | Tenting and custom builds: Hensley Event Resources | Furniture: Eclectic Hive | Tabletop: XOWYO  | Lighting: Hughes Lighting