Alicia and Colby

These beautiful photos are from Jessica Peterson.
Most of the time we set up a wedding and leave. At some point while we are all chowing down on large portions of food at the nearest restaurant (or gas station)to the venue, we stop and think about the couple that is having their wedding. We usually talk about how crazy it is that a work day for us is someone’s wedding day! Their wedding day!  We are eating whatever food was easiest to obtain, we have filthy hands, and we probably have bits of flowers and maybe some pins in out pockets, and we are likely not sweating-for the first time in the day. But they are having what is likely the best day of their lives thus far, they are dressed nicely, and mingling with their closest family and friends. 
After setting up Alicia’s wedding we got to go back and attend her reception as guests. I just met Alicia this Spring, but she worked with us a few times this summer, and quickly became part of the team! Since then, she’s moved to China, and we are heart broken. But she’s off on a great adventure with her new husband! Holly and I cried like old ladies multiple times while setting up, and while we were guests at Alicia and Colby’s wedding. They are the kindest people that just glow with happiness. Their families are so sweet and supportive. Seeing people like this get married reminds me why I do what I do. To contribute some fleeting beauty to an event that is celebrating a beautiful relationship that will last forever. 
I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful people I have met through flowers. My life is better because of them. 
I might add that during set-up we were working out of the back of the van. I walked past it and thought I saw a take-out container sitting at the back by the open doors. I backed up, looked at it, and opened in cautiously….was this food I was seeing? FOOD?! This was the first time a client (co-worker, friend, in this case) had brought me food at a wedding (vendor meals for more intensive weddings not included, because those come after set-up is through. But of course I appreciate those too). I thought I was dreaming! A delicious sandwich on some sort of marbled rye bread was just dropped off in my van by a fairy. (Only someone that had worked for me would know the importance of food during set-up). Thank you Alicia & Sisters for this. It will go down in the record books for best heaven-sent gift at a wedding set-up.