Clare and Charlie

I love when I feel really connected to a wedding, and I care about every single flower that I am placing. It happens when the client is as enthusiastic about flowers as I am, and trusts me. This was one of those cases.

This wedding was took place at an Irish Stone Barn set on a grassy field overlooking lake michigan. It was an inspiring place, and the people I was working for were even more inspiring.

There was so much thought put into this wedding. The mother of the bride designed it, and even personally embroidered every napkin so that each guest could take it home as a gift from the wedding. She took us around on their family farm and showed us things that we could clip, and sent us home with a basket of vegetables from her garden. Such passion and appreciation of nature is contagious, and it pushed us to make the wedding as beautiful as we possibly could.

 I love my job.

Thank you to my team while working on this wedding in Wisconsin, Intertwine Style, Ashley Fox Design, and Madalyn Covey.

A special thanks to Kelly Lenard from Intertwine style for snapping these beautiful photos for me after we set up. A lady of multiple talents!

clare and charlie 3


clare and charlie 10


 clare and charlie 2

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