goooooooood morning.

Ask any florist, we all have a thing for the FedEx man.

Not a particular one, but the one that happens to deliver flowers to us on days such as mine today.

Being a florist is tough sometimes. There are parts of my job that keep me up all night worrying. And, life is tough when you spend your days delivering flowers to people but know that no one will ever give flowers to you because “you are the florist”. Only other florists and flower enthusiasts send flowers to florists….with the exception of the FedEx man man. Yes my job is stressful, BUT I GET FLOWERS HAND DELIVERED TO MY DOOR BEFORE BREAKFAST…several times a week.
Any sleep I have lost that has my eyes seeing fog when I first wake up, vanishes with the ring of my doorbell. This morning I went from a zombie-like attempt to plug my computer charger into my water bottle (true fact), to hyperventilating as I was trimming the ends off of these beauties.

Thank you for fighting for these Sabrina!