Harvest Moon

This post was probably better suited for Thanksgiving, but some of the same thankful sentiments are felt at the beginning of the year for me, so here we go. 
I don’t know a person that doesn’t love fall. Every spring I think that spring is my favorite season, and then fall comes around and I am reminded that fall is my true love. I love all of the sweet and sour colors that fall produces.  I love the textures that come with fall, and that you let yourself love every minute of it because you know that winter is coming. 
When I was thinking about what flowers to order for this wedding I couldn’t help myself. I threw in a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Then I went clipping for leaves and picked up some more. And then on the way to set up this event we pulled off of the freeway and clipped some more from a freeway overpass. I can’t help myself in the fall. I want it all. 
I loved this event. I loved the clients, the flowers, the mountain air. 
It was my last event of the 2012 wedding season.  And I had my first baby three days later.  (surprise, she came just a touch early!) It was such a beautiful event to end with.  I had my best helpers by my side, and the most beautiful product.  As we left the venue there was the most incredible sunset and a harvest moon, it made me so thankful for my year.  

Here’s the proof. Here I am shooting these very pictures pictures. This photo snapped by my loving husband/best heavy lifting assistant a pregnant florist could ever ask for.