ilsa & aaron

Thought I’d start the new year off by showing you one of my favorite weddings from summer 2011, Ilsa and Aaron.

< br/>Brides like Ilsa make me love my job. She had her own ideas and vision for her wedding, and I had so much fun collaborating with her. Ilsa had a huge box of antlers that she brought to me to incorporate into the flowers….yes those are antlers in her bouquet. We used a large mix of garden roses, dahlias, and tulips for her flowers, accompanied by begonia leaves, lots of herbs,  plums and grapes on the vine. We built that simple chuppa from birch branches and draped a simple marigold garland along the top.

Ilsa and Aaron’s wedding was held at Empire lodge in Deer Valley this August, it is so beautiful up there. All photos by Kate Osborne. This wedding was featured on Green wedding shoes.