Lilac wedding ideas

Finally blogging these photos from a spring collaboration for once wed.

It is really hard to pick a favorite flower, near impossible to commit to one.

I don’t commit to one very favorite, but I’ll commit to a top 5, lilac is in there somewhere.

There is nothing quite like the scent of a lilac, I want to eat them. Next year I am committed to make some lilac syrups so that I can incorporate the flavor into my cooking, anyone have any good recipes or tricks for cooking with lilac flavor or making syrups?

Photos: Rylee Hitchner

Table styling and invitiation: Martha Hatfield

Desserts: Eat Noisette


flowers by sarah winward photo by rylee hitchener 009875-R1-004flowers by sarah winward photo by rylee hitchner photo by rylee hitchner cake by eat noisette, floral by sarah winward  009876-R1-004photo by rylee hitchner, cake by eat noisette photo by rylee hitchner, floral by sarah winward 2 009875-R1-015e

Rylee Hitchner, Sarah Winward, Martha Hatfield 4Rylee Hitchner, Sarah Winward, Martha Hatfield 7009876-R1-010