Oh yes I did.

I changed my business name from Ea to honey of a thousand flowers.
With the new studio I am full of new ideas, and this is one of them.

I am a bee keeper. I have a big white suit, a hive of bees in my garden, and I harvest honey at the end of the summer. I was speaking with another bee keeper in Morocco, who makes wonderful jars of cactus, orange, and thyme honey. I told him that our bees produce “wild honey”. They collect nectar from whatever is around them, we aren’t particularly close to a specific orchard or farm, so our honey is a wild collection of its surroundings.
He was a bit perplexed, thought for a few minutes, and then said “ooohhh, honey of a thousand flowers”. It is so Arabic and elaborate, I love it. And just like the honey my bees make, my arrangements are a product of everything that surrounds me.

I am loving the new studio space. It is not quite finished yet, but I am taking to it well.
These are some arrangements for the new Prana Yoga at Trolley Square.