one year

In hindsight, it is rather hysterical that I took this picture. I remember thinking that I needed to document how chaotic and messy the studio was after I was done doing this wedding. I had no idea that it was only the beginning of the messes that were to come when Utah’s June wedding season hit. Boy was I in for a surprise. There have been days where I am literally wading through stems that are inches thick on the floor, and have hot glue stuck in my hair from trying on hair pieces before the ribbon glued to the back of them was set. I would take what is in the picture above ANY DAY and feel like I was a step ahead. For those of you who came over from design sponge and asked how my studio is functional, where do I work? Right there. My space is about 220 square feet.

It is a little bit like entertaining at home for me. When I have guests over for dinner I like to just enjoy their company and revel in the piles of dirty dishes and yes, stems on the floor (but usually of vegetables) as we eat dessert together. I really enjoy doing the dishes the next day, in fact. Stacks and stacks of them to load into the dishwasher row by row. I like to spread the cleaning up over a few days, so that I have as long as I want to think about how fun it was. Unfortunately wedding season does not allow for that. As soon as these remains are swept up the new boxes of flowers arrive. sigh.
It was just one year ago today that I did my first paid wedding. Similar to the mess above, I had no idea that it was just the very beginning. I am so grateful to how far I have come in my first year, thank you to everyone who has supported me. I can’t wait to see how big the messes in my studio are next year…