Pond flowers

I know pond flowers isn’t the most appealing title, but I mean it in the best possible way. And actually it was a river, not a pond.

Back in Sept-Oct when I was in NZ I made this arrangement. It was one of those gloomy days, raining sometimes, bust mostly just gray outside. We were on the road, it was actually a perfect day to be driving through the countryside. I picked wild flowers off the side of the highway, between sheep, bee, an pig farms. I think these colors are crazy together. And in a floral world I would never thing to order this combination, but its crazy how well it works together in nature. And i Love it. Do you see those giant geranium leaves? I hope to grow geranium leaves that big someday. And dont get me started about the wild foxglove…

We pulled over and found a pond to sit by while I arranged everything I had collected. A crew team rowed by and some ducks came by too. It was rather perfect. I snapped a few pics then we gave the arrangement to a lady who lived nearby.