Iv’e enjoyed making samples for upcoming weddings recently.

It is nice to give things a test run. I am really into different greens lately and this one had a wide variety of them.
Amber, the possible bride for these arrangements noticed the center of the white scabiosa in these arrangements and commented on their nice “mint green” color. This is another reason I love my clients. They have fresh eyes. I use white scabiosa every time I get a chance, and I have never thought that they had a mint green center. I am now seeing them differently. I love the industry for this reason too. Everyone interprets flowers differently. It is fun to get professional pictures back and see how the photographer saw my flowers, it shows through in the pictures. I like hearing about people’s take on my flowers. I also really love when people see them the way I do, and what type of people said people are. Recently, this post made me excited. I think she understands my work, and I love the pictures she paired my flowers with.