Sarah and Ian’s rehearsal dinner

Sarah and Ian’s wedding rehearsal and wedding at San Ysidro ranch was planned and designed by the talented gals at Bash, Please and these stunning photos are from Mr. Tec Petaja.

I feel lucky have been able to contribute to Sarah and Ian’s wedding. They asked for color, and color they got! Sometimes florists (and I dare say others, too) get the urge to eat flowers they are working with. I had the urge to eat these ones, maybe my mouth even watered a little bit. The colors were just too good. 
I still can’t really believe that all of you in southern california you all have bougainvillea at your disposal all the time.  I would be the highway patrol’s worst nightmare if I lived there! For this event there were many mad dashes up the freeway walls to clip this pretty stuff and then try to shove it into the minivan whilst my heart is beating fast and my fingers are getting filled with thorns. (but I’ll take a thorn any day for this stuff). The shape the bushes grow in is so organic, and the blooms look like ladies swishing their skirts. And the colors!
Stay tuned for photos from their wedding coming soon.
Special thanks to Addison for all her help assisting me for this event. 

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