The Styling Pilgrimage

These photos are from Pearl and Godiva‘s workshop, The Styling Pilgrimage that took place last fall in County Carlow, Ireland. I was lucky enough to be able to go and create flowers for it. All photos by Erich Mcvey.

This fall I went on a crazy three month long trip where I hopped around the world working non-stop. It was amazing, exhausting, and it is all sort of a blur now.

But- there were lots of moments in that blur that I remember vividly, and roaming through the gardens at The Lisnavagh House in Ireland. Ireland is just as green as you hear it is, and it smells green! Walking through these gardens you could smell the dew on the grass and hear the shuffling noise of leaves falling to the ground from the GIANT trees. A few times in this three months of mine I found myself wandering around the gardens of private estates that now operate as Bed and Breakfasts or event venues but used to be homes. I can’t imagine the luxury! The houses were beautiful, but the gardens……oooohhhh the gardens. I would give everything (and I’m trying to figure out how to actually do this in my life) to have a large garden that I can roam through at the beginning and end of each day. I loved meandering through the overgrown flower beds and imagining the person who planted and groomed them generations ago.


The thing that keeps me hooked on flowers is that they are always changing. Through the seasons, and in change of location, they are always different. Taking cues from my environment keeps my work fresh and always evolving. I love watching my work change with my environment, that that is what leads me to do crazy things like go on three month long trips where I am in a different place of the world practically every week.

This photo shoot, styled and led by Pearl and Godiva was incredible to me. It was uncluttered and clear. It was alive and it was incredible to watch it become what it did.

I pulled this clematis from the road-side and let some of it dry out so that we had two different looks. We wrapped it around Ainsling, and the became this little wood nymph that looked like she grew out of one of the seed pods on the forest floor here.

Ireland, I’ll be back for you!

Production, Creative Direction & Styling: Pearl & Godiva | Photography: Erich McVey | Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist: Lora Kelley | Gowns: Bespoke Tulle and Lace Creation for Pearl & Godiva by Emily Riggs, White Veil by Emily Riggs | Jewellery: Kristin Hayes Jewelry | Beaded Headpiece and Grey Veil: Melinda Rose Design | Stationery: Stephanie Fishwick |  Model: Aisling at Morgan The Agency | Shot on Location at Lisnavagh House and Gardens Ireland


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the styling pilgrimage 8


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the styling pilgrimage 9