Teaching in China

Twice in 2014 I had the opportunity to go to China and teach a Natural Style Flower Design Course at Cohim school. I absolutely loved the experience, these photos are from the six day course I taught there in April.

We had a plethora of Spring blooms work with from the Beijing Flower market, and we had so much fun with them. I had the most amazing group of students, most were new to floral design, so I was able to watch them find their passion and help them along the way. . Six days is a long time to be with once group of students, and first I was feeling overwhelmed, but I loved the time to get to know each designer and feel their passion for creating radiate from them.

I had the most incredible translator, Zoey, who made my teaching experience what it was. She was a great friend and made me feel comfortable in a different country and in front of twenty strangers. She helped me purchase the flowers every morning, and was able to translate all of the crazy flower jargon without skipping a beat. She has the most beautiful, sweet presence, and I know she was a huge factor in the course being so successful.

Cohim is a great resource for creatives in China, they have lots of courses in the arts and truly care about each of their student’s success.

I spent a month in China exploring the beautiful country after I taught and I treasure my time there.













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