Sun-Filled September Wedding in Oregon

Every once in a while I am hiding behind a barn or inside the catering space somewhere waiting to flip a space or light candles while a wedding is going on. I get to peek out at the event and hear the music, and see people enjoying the setting and the flowers. This was one of those events, and I remember just wanting to join in! The music playing was a playlist created by the bride and groom, it was cool and welcoming. The air was perfect, the sun was trickling through the trees that way it does only in September, and the flowers were beautiful (of course!) and twinkling as they caught the sunlight on the tables. Everyone was happy and calm, the couple’s closest of kin were all there, and and it seemed that this is exactly what a wedding should be.

That playlist is one that I now play on my own at home now, when I’m cooking or just puttering around the house enjoying my day. It reminds me of the good vibes at their wedding, and why I love my job. I love all kinds of jobs, the big and the small. This one was one of the special ones where I knew the couple, I got to buy all locally grown flowers for the event, pick some of them myself at a farm one mile away from the venue, and that quick stop at the farmers market on the way to set up surprised us with the most beautiful mushrooms that became a part of the tablescape. I left feeling so fulfilled and full of gratitude, thankful for the wonderful people I get to know and work with, for the flowers, and that this is my job. Happy anniversary Jess and Luc!

Photos: Julie Pointer | Location: Sauvie Island, Oregon | Graphics and candle holder made by the groom, Luc Fuller and bride Jessica Gray