the end of a season.

For me at least. Wedding season is a crazy thing, and this is my viagra online 50mg first year experiencing it in all its madness.
I survived.
So- tomorrow I leave for buy cialis pill a month long break.

I will be in New Zealand and Australia…missing my favorite part of Autumn here, but enjoying spring there. I hear there are some crazy flowers there, and I cant wait to have my way with levitra genuine for sale them. And if you must know, I will be attending a few of the rugby world cup games while I am there. A lady can like a variety of things, can’t she?
I will still be in contact, so feel free to e-mail and I will respond when the time zone permits.
I still have plenty to share from the summer so I will keep posting while I am gone.
And- to my readers way over there on the other side of the world…have any suggestions of things for me to do and see while I’m there? I’d love to hear them!