Wilhelmina and Danny

Creating flowers for Wilhelmina and Danny’s wedding was a real joy. Wilhelmina wanted color-mustard and a bold pink. Spring has so many incredible flowers that are perfect for this palette, so we had fun with it.

Working with Laurie Arons on this event was such a treat, too. Laurie imagined a floral treatment for the ceiling at Durham Ranch to liven up the space. We created this giant 800 square foot hanging greenery ceiling to go above the tables, the greenery extended down five feet and hovered above head while people ate. Got Light was incredible to work with on this structure. After it was filled with greenery the lit it up with hanging globes and it was an incredible sight at night when it was all glowing. The greenery would dance a bit if a breeze came through the space and the light made beautiful shadows that danced on the walls.

We had such an incredible team of vendors on this event, I am so thankful to have been a part of this team that made Wilhelmina and Danny’s wedding so beautiful.

Planning and Design: Laurie Arons Special Events

Photography: Jose Villa

Catering: Paula LeDuc Fine Catering

Venue: Durham Ranch

Cake: Perfect Endings

Lighting: Got Light

Hair and Makeup: Jim Avila

This wedding is featured in Issue 3 of Geraldine Magazine

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