I am so excited to announce that I have two new digital courses!

I have partnered with if i made again to bring you two courses that are a wonderful follow up to the ones i released last year. I have one new course that focuses on the seasons, and how I keep inspired all year long by using the different materials that are in season, and really embracing them.  This course is a wonderful fit for florists and hobbyists alike!

The second course is all about installations. These bigger pieces are one of my favorite parts of the job, and in this course I share everything I know about them! You’ll learn about my inspiration for installations, my design and planning process, and all about the logistics of installation. This course has information for all level of florists, both beginners and those who are already experienced with installations.

Head over to the course website to read more about whats included, the courses are on a special promotional price until midnight on March 16th where you’ll receive $200 off if you purchase the combo package that contains both courses.