Traveling the English Countryside + Upcoming English Flower Workshop | England Flower Workshop

More photos from my blissful month spent in England in the Summer of 2015.

I live in Northern Utah, where it is fairly rugged and dry. The land here is wildly different than the land in England. I was constantly shocked by how much there was just growing on the side of the road there. It wasn’t just that there was a lot growing there, it was what was growing. For example, wild foxglove! 4 feet tall! I loved the colors of the growth there, too. The green was SO green. We were the in the late summer, and many things had turned golden, too. At home when things go golden they very quickly turn a sort of grayish, very dead hue. But everything that turned golden on the side of the road in England seemed to be vibrantly glowing gold.  Here are pictures of a few highlights for me.  Bibury, in the Cotswolds, was a place a did a puzzle of when I was a kid, so being there felt surreal and like I was walking through a postcard.

The roses in England grow and die with such recklessness. I snipped a few to make this yellow arrangement, and love the way these pink roses exploded like a piñata spreading their petals into the grass below them.

I had the pleasure of teaching a little one day class with Grace, an incredible talented florist based in Seoul that I have also had a class with back at home. We made this garland over a window on the guest house that I was staying at. It felt like a fuzzy dream as we arranged flowers together outside on a perfect summer day, with cattle pleasantly grazing behind us and watching us work (ok, they were also snacking on some of our flowers too). Can’t wait to go back soon, I am counting down the days.

I am teaching a collaborative workshop with Becca and Maz of the Garden gate flower company this June in England!

For more information and to sign up, you can head over here. | England Flower Workshop | England Flower Workshop | England Flower Workshop | England Flower Workshop | England Flower Workshop | England Flower Workshop | England Flower Workshop | England Flower Workshop | England Flower Workshop